When «Spasiba» is only word you know, make a good impression on your friends
and bussiness associates with some phrases in Russian


Russian prounanciation

Hello zrast-vooy-tyeh
Yes da
No nyet
Thank you spuh-see-bah
Good/Ok kha-ra-shoh
Could you show me the way to Night Flight? Kak proyti k Notch-no-mu Pol-yo-to?
Can you drive me to Night Flight? Pod-ve-si-te menya k Notch-no-mu Pol-yo-to?
A glass of white wine, please. Bokal belogo vina, pozjaluista.
A large beer, pleas. Odno pivo, pozjaluista.
A glass of red wine, please. Bokal krasnogo vina, pozjaluista.
A glass of whokey, please. Viski, pozjaluista.
Do you want to dance? Ne hoti-te potansevat’ ?