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Night Flight, Moscow’s world renowned club for people who live for the night.  A Moscow landmark, mention of «that great club in Moscow» will bring a smile and a wink from anyone the world over who has been to the Club.  Night Flight is Moscow’s oldest club and restaurant for international businessmen,  tourists,   local expatriates and a select group of sophisticated Russians who like to combine fine food and drink with beautiful company, all set in a contemporary sophisticated and completely  safe environment. Located on Moscow’s main Tverskaya street and a short walk from Red Square, this Swedish managed  club-restaurant is at the centre of the City’s nightlife.

Night Flight has it all  for spending a  night of pleasure–  gourmet  food (the grilled meats and fish are considered among the best in Moscow)  prepared by acclaimed Swedish chefs’, classic and contemporary cocktails and a sommelier selected wine list in a cosmopolitan setting.  Downstairs the Clubs three  bars: the main bar, upstairs VIP lounge and small disco bar with live DJ provide the setting for the after dinner fun.

Night Flight promises and delivers  a sumptuous  and entertaining evening of tempting the senses– so start in the restaurant, overlooking the bright lights and unceasing buzz of Tverskaya street  As the sun sets, the views inside the Club come to life with the arrival of a stunning array of local beauties all dressed to thrill and eager to engage you in Russian or English.   Move down to the main or other bars and the viewing  gets yet more intense and carries on so until the early hours.

Many a visitor to the Club has said: «There is nothing like Night Flight back home!»  And they are right!  To be is to believe!  so «Do it tonight» at Night Flight.

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