I have long admired the chefs at Night Flight Club & Restaurant and would rank them among the five best chefs in Moscow restaurants.
To celebrate the Night Flight’s birthday in October, the chef prepared ten new dishes. His menu features the hits of Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Thai, Russian, French and Swedish cuisines, all creatively interpreted – the chef supplements a classical basis with additional flavors.
Some dishes have an unusual combination of ingredients, others are classical but prepared in a novel way. There are also brilliant revolutionary innovations, say, a spicy Asian soup of shitaki mushrooms, meadow mushrooms, ginger, fresh chili, garlic, lime, kinza, cherry tomatoes, green onions, and lemon grass and served with a sorbet ball on a separate saucer.
Alternating the fiery soup with icy sorbet, you stimulate your taste buds and so can enjoy the taste for a long time.
Among the chefs´ other new masterpieces is goose-liver terrine seasoned with black truffles. It’s not enough to describe the dish as wonderful. It is the peak of culinary art, worth registering in the Golden Book of Gourmets.
I do not know what the chef does to make you fall in love with it after the first bite. His art makes you think of the impressionist painters, who conveyed the beauty of the world with subtlest strokes of the brush.
Another surprising feature at the Night Flight – almost any dish can be ordered as a taster, or a starter or as the main dish. The price varies, naturally.”
– Where Moscow magazine, nov 2003

Cheers: eXile alert!
A recent tasting of Night Flight´s chef/artiste ever-evolving creations convinced us that we’d frankly rather have a good meal than good sex.
Night Flight’s restaurant is that good, folks, perhaps the best all things considered in Moscow.
Two new soups, including Jerusalem artichoke, blew our expectations. A fresh fois gras terrine pressed with black truffles from nothern Italy, prepared specially over 3-days, is like nothing you thought possible in Moscow.
Don’t be scared by the French words: the chef´s pizza topped with gourmet Spanish ham, is literally the best we’ve had in years, taken from a simple Italian recipe. Shrimps in a Carribo-Thai sauce made for an interesting change, but the real winner was the perfectly tender, succulent fillet of beef (get the pepper sauce with it).
If this wasn’t enough, dessert was truly orgasmic. Freshly-prepared pineapple sorbet, a cheesecake (featuring two layers of sweetened cheese each whipped to a different consistency) that should shame Muscovites into riots over the crap their served, and Ame’s favorite, the chocolate truffle, dense chocolate packed into a ball of pure sin that makes you forget the babes descreetly oogling you.
A special note of praise to Toby for putting together the best non-pretentious wine list selection in Moscow, finding little gems from South Africa and Portugal to complement each course.
The Western gourmand’s favorite. Try the hot-cold contrast of the Asian 10 soup w/ coconut sherbert. Firmly entrenched on the “A” list of top Moscow eateries.”
– eXile magazine, nov 2003

Cheers: eXile alert!
New menu takes even more risks, and they all pay off! So good, you might even forget why you came. Try the hot-cold contrast of the Asian 10 soup w/ coconut sherbert. Foie gras (R1050) rocks.
The sampler plates ensure U can have it all, but if forced to choose, we suggest the crab ceviche. Home runs on new menu include the angler and duck breast. Even has us enjoying Swedish food, such as the mousse-like Veal Wallenberg. Firmly entrenched on the “A” list of top Moscow eateries.
Excellent menu manages to fuse Swedish, Southeast Asian and Russian cuisine without being obnoxious. Hell, it’s some of the best food in Moscow, with reasonable prices and various sampler sizes.
We still higly recommend the elk carpaccio and resindeer w/ cherry walnut. The Night Flight special is a large, juice tender steak served on oak, one of Moscow’s best pieces of meat (besides the ones you can eat downstairs). Excellent wine menu including samplers.
Jeers: Restaurant has been discovered so call ahead to make sure you get a seat. Can be distracting when a table of babes smiles at you while you have a piece of raw reindeer flesh in your mouth.”
– eXile magazine

“The Swedes, who gave the world the great film director Ingmar Bergman, now provide the capital with late-night culinary delight in the form of Night Flight restaurant.”
– The Moscow Tribune

“The Swedish management is very attentive and professional.”
– The Moscow Tribune

“Swedish girls used to sing the Santa Lucia here during Christmas time. The working girls speak english, dress like the Spice Girls and can discuss Manhattan’s clubbing trends with you until late into the next morning. Excellent swedish management shuts out the low life.”
– Moscow Times

“New menu here makes Night Flight one of Moscow’s better eating options, and we are talking about food here. New nouvelle Scandinavian cuisine takes fusion to a new level, with everything from elk carpaccio and reindeer steak, as well as stir-fried foods and excellent cheesecake. Just another reason and another temptation, from the pros at Night Flight. … the Swedish manager staff is discreet, professional and attentive.”
– eXile magazine